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Futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.


A Relative Value Volatility Program

The Hedged VIX strategy aims to diversify individual and institutional portfolios by delivering a return stream which exhibits negative correlation to all major asset classes. The Program is built to be the first and core diversifying component of your equity and fixed income portfolio. The Hedged VIX Program is built to capture the relative value between implied and realized volatility in a market neutral style.


A US Equity Replacement Solution

The Tactical Growth strategy is designed to beat the S&P 500 Index by reducing downside risk and capturing market upside—all with less volatility. The Program is built to be the first and core component of your equity portfolio. Through balancing its positions to express a directional view on the market, the Program may be able to capitalize on both moments of volatility as well as rising markets.


A US Equity Hedging Solution

The Dry Powder strategy is designed to turn extreme market volatility events into opportunities for significant market gains. Dry Powder may avoid or eliminate the “cost of carry” normally associated with tail-risk strategies. The Dry Powder Program expects to produce minimal losses in most years with rising markets or declining volatility. Dry Powder is built to be the first core hedging component of your equity portfolio.


A US Equity Mutli-Strategy Solution

The Synergy strategy captures directional trading, relative value volatility, and tail risk to deliver a unique, untapped alpha source. A diversified position and exposure approach may support a greater risk/return profile. Synergy has no additional layer of fees – fees accrue  on the overall netted performance of the underlying programs. Synergy provides clients the full arsenal of Pearl Capital's intellectual property and the Program should be considered to replace a portfolios US equity exposure.


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